Dr. Gary Greenly
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For Dr. Gary Greenly’s patient ohana

To Dr. Gary Greenly’s Patient Ohana, December 23, 2017

Four months have passed since my last letter to you and I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season. As you know, the Greenly estate has been diligently working to find a physician to continue permanent medical care for you. As of today, the estate has not agreed to or approved any physician to assume Dr. Greenly’s medical practice on a permanent basis.

We hope early in 2018 this will change. Please be assured all active medical records of Dr. Greenly’s are being safely and securely kept on the premises. Should you require your records to be transferred to another physician or medical facility, you will need to sign a consent form which you can obtain from the office. Your records will be sent wherever you designate. If the records are for yourself, a small fee will be required for copying.

Regarding Medical Marijuana patients, new or renewing, who require immediate referrals, we recommend:

Dr. Clifton Otto. Dr. Otto is very knowledgable on the use of all forms of marijuana to treat numerous conditions and provides complete certification & registration services according to Hawaii state law. For more information, please visit his website at http://www.cannabishealthcarehawaii.com/drotto/

Wishing everyone the very best and thank you for your understanding & patience. Dr. Greenly admired you all so much.

With warm aloha,